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ExtendAir® CO2 Absorbent Cartridge Case (6 Cartridges)

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ExtendAir® CO2 Absorbent Case (6 Cartridges)

What is ExtendAir®ExtendAir® is the brand name for Micropore's CO2 absorbent filtration cartrid

ExtendAir® CO2 Absorbent Case (6 Cartridges)

What is ExtendAir®

ExtendAir® is the brand name for Micropore's CO2 absorbent filtration cartridges and canisters. Micropore uses the same basic chemistry found in granule CO2 absorbents, calcium hydroxide and a small amount of potassium and sodium hydroxide (chemical composition information can be found on material safety data sheet). Micropore blends these chemicals along with a small amount of polyethylene (plastic binder) into a molded sheet of material with raised ridges on one side and flat sheet on the other side of the material. The sheet is then wound (rolled) on a plastic center core to a cylindrical cartridge meeting diameter and height requirements specific to the ExtendAir® MK25 retrofit canister. Cartridges are kept tensioned as a cartridge roll of material with a heat-staked clear film wrap. The EAC features high CO2 absorbent performance (liters CO2/lb absorbent) and low resistive effort (reduced work of breathing for the diver) in addition to adding safety via its molded sheet and elimination of caustic dust entering the breathing loop.

The ExtendAir® canister replaces the granular canister. The adaptation is a direct drop-in replacement made from the same urethane materials currently in use on the MK25 Mod 2. In addition there is a demand valve adapter which helps with ergonomic fit between the breathing bag and the demand valve. The efficiency of the canister also eliminates the need for a neoprene insulator at colder water temperatures, further easing deployment logistics.

Independent of Drager, with US Navy request and cooperation, Micropore Inc designed a solution to use its patented Extendair® CO2 absorbent technology in the Drager MK25 rebreather.

Engineering Change Proposal XE012 for the MK25 Mod 2 UBA approved 2 Sep, 2014.

Diver Features and Benefits Include:

  • Diver Safety: 70% less caustic evenafter 5 minute flood
  • No Dusting, No Spillage:
    • No absorbent gets in the breathing loop.
    • Platform friendly (submarine, rib, ships quarters, etc.)
    • Eases maintenance logistics
  • Storage: Absorbent is stored with rebreather instead of separately in bulk containers; single-use packaging also reduces wasted absorbent
  • Diver's breathing workload is reduced by 15% (MK25)
  • Canister loads 3-5 times faster
  • Excellent tolerance to storage, shock, vibration
  • No settling: Consistent scrubber duration; no absorbent bypass or channeling



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