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The FIDO B1 (formerly Biocapture 650) was designed for first responders working in unfamiliar, challenging and dangerous environments.
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Portable Air Sampler

Single Button Particle Collector

The FIDO B1 (formerly Biocapture 650) was designed for first responders working in unfamiliar, challenging and dangerous environments. We know that emergency situations are no place for complex set-ups and delicate instrumentation. The FIDO B1 is cutting edge air sampling technology packed in a rugged light-weight package. Large single-button operation means responders can quickly execute the sampling mission and proceed to other objectives.

The key to FIDO B1 is the integrated collection cartridge. With rotating impactor, fluid chamber, fluid lines and sample vial pre-assembled in one disposable cartridge, FIDO B1 is deployment ready when you are. When the operation is complete, simply replace the cartridge and you are ready for your next mission. There are no internal lines to decontaminate or moveable parts to clean. Simplify your biosampling preparedness program with FIDO B1.

FIDO B1 represents a significant leap forward in air sampling technology. Incorporating the latest technological breakthroughs in particle collection, the portable, hand-held unit captures airborne pathogens and spores into a concentrated liquid sample. Snap-in, disposable sampling cartridge minimizes set-up and decontamination. The FIDO B1 provides the user with an effective and easy-to-use instrument for fast, safe and efficient biological agent collection.

FIDO B1 collects micron and submicron airborne particles and soluble vapors. The battery-powered system is ideal for indoor and outdoor tactical response to potential threats such as anthrax, plague, smallpox and tularemia. Whether the user is in a hot zone, dressed in Level A or MOPPIV gear, or performing intermittent air sampling in a mail room, operating the FIDO B1 is effortless and cost effective.


  • Single button operation
  • Deployment ready for emergency use
  • Rugged 7.5 lb package
  • Collects typical agents released in a bio-threat attack including bacterial spores (such as B. anthracis which causes anthrax), bacteria (such as Y. pestis which causes plague), viruses (such as smallpox) and toxins (such as ricin)
  • Highly operable in sand, dust and inclement environments
  • Flexible sampling times
  • Disposable, self-contained, collection cartridge simplifies decontamination
  • Easy to operate by user in fully dressed Level A or MOPP-IV gear
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