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Fido C2 - Agentase Disclosure Spray

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Fido C2 Agent Disclosure Spray s the most sensitive detection technology available and complements electronic sensors by providing the ability to map chemical agent contamination.
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The FLIR Fido C2 agent disclosure spray is the most sensitive point detector for chemical nerve agents (G- & V-series) and sulfur mustard (HD). It uses colorimetric technology to reveal the exact location of Chemical Warfare Agent (CWA) contamination on a surface at sub-microgram (trace) levels within five minutes. Once applied to a surface, the standard aqueous spray changes color from yellow to red to indicate the presence of a CWA threat. The color change reveals the exact location of the agent contamination, making the invisible threat visible. An optional fluorescent additive enhances the visual response when used with an ultraviolet (UV) light in poor lighting conditions. The forensic spray is translucent yet allows the threat to be seen under UV-light, a critical feature for covert operations. During the early stages of consequence management, Fido C2 can be used to detect trace-level contamination before long-term exposure causes harm or loss of life. As part of the decontamination process, it reveals specific hot spots, enabling users to focus and reduce the amount of decontaminant used, lowering costs up to five-fold.

  • Detects sub-microgram levels of agents within five minutes
  • Reveals exact location of agent on surfaces
  • Illustrates decon efficiency to reduce costs by up to 60%
  • Training completed in less than one hour
  • Offered in three applicator sizes based on mission requirements
  • Non-destructive allowing for sample extraction and analysis via GC/MS
  • First response confirmation
  • Sensor validation
  • Contamination mapping
  • Equipment decontamination assurance
  • Sensitive site assessment
  • Training exercises
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