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Fido X2

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Fido X2 is an ultra-lightweight, handheld explosives trace detector. It features FLIR's proprietary TrueTrace™ technology to detect a broad range of chemicals used in the manufacture of homemade, commercial, and military explosives with best-in-class sensitivity.
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The FLIR Fido X2 is an ultra-lightweight, handheld explosives trace detector (ETD). It provides an unprecedented combination of sensitivity, speed, and ease of use. Its award-winning TrueTrace™ technology detects threats with higher sensitivity and faster clear-down than similar products. Fido X2 performs fast ten-second analysis and provides cost-effective operation with reusable sampling swipes. On-device video training provides real-time help and reduces the cost and logistical burden of recurrent training. With thousands of units fielded in over 40 countries, Fido X-series products are the most trusted handheld ETDs for critical security applications.

Fido X2 is used by law enforcement in random or entry control checkpoints or during elevated threat patrol
  • Broad, class-based identification
  • Detects multiple types of homemade, commercial, and military explosives with a single sample
  • More sensitive than other products in its class
  • Reusable sampling swipes, vapor detection capability
Patented TrueTrace technology helps maximize system operational availability
  • Analysis in less than ten seconds
  • Rapid clear-down within seconds
  • Fast three-minute start-up
  • No radioactive ionization source or hazardous chemicals
From power up to power down, Fido X2 guides the user through operation
  • On-screen prompts
  • Simple go/no-go alarms
  • On-device video training
  • Ultra-lightweight <1.5 lbs (680 g)
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