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High-performance personal gamma radiation detector and full-range dosimeter
Available through DLA F&ESE TLSP This item is ITAR Restricted This item is EAR Restricted

The GammaRAE II R provides gamma detection and measurement in a rugged, portable unit. Designed for security personnel and first responders, it is intrinsically safe and features a highly sensitive scintillator sensor to detect low-level radiation and alert personnel before exposure poses a threat. An energy compensated PIN diode sensor delivers accurate high-range dose measurement so personnel can keep track of their total radiation exposure. Visual, auditory, and vibration alarms ensure that personnel are properly alerted. Each unit can log 30,000 data points at intervals set by the user, and Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to download the datalog to a desktop computer or allow real-time threat monitoring with the ProRAE Guardian remote command center software. The GammaRAE IIR can operate over 600 hours on 2 AA batteries or can rely on internal re-chargeable batteries. This monitor is rugged and built for the rigors of field use, waterproof to IP-67 standards, and submersible for easy decontamination, which makes it ideal for customs officers and border patrols, law enforcement, homeland security, government labs and agencies, HazMat teams and fire departments.

Key Features:
  • Fast response time to detect hidden radiation threats
  • Intrinsically safe for use in hazardous combustible gas environments
  • Real-time measurement of dose and dose rate
  • Energy compensated PIN diode for high-dose-rate range coverage and accuracy
  • Cesium Iodide scintillator for fast response to low-level radiation
  • Search alarm for immediate alert of a radiation threat
  • Stay-time alarm to alert user of the amount of time they can safely stay in a hazardous area
  • Continuous reading in rem/h, Sv/h, and R/h
  • Continuous data-logging with 30,000-point capacity
  • Customizable logging intervals
  • Audible, visual and vibration alarm alerts
  • High and low safety alarm thresholds for both accumulated dose and dose rate
  • Complies with IEEE ANSI N42.20 standard
  • Long calibration life
  • IP 67 environmental rating for immersibity in water for easy decontamination
  • Bluetooth connectivity for datalog downloading and real-time monitoring using ProRAE Guardian software
  • Long operating life
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